DSE Ergonomics

DSE Workstation Assessments

As a fully qualified workstation assessor I can provide either an onsite assessment programme which allows your staff the chance to ask questions about how they can best use a workstation, which includes chairs, keyboards, workload, lifting and techniques to minimise the onset of musculo-skeletal disorders. Alternatively, providing you have more than approximately 25 people , we can set you up on our online system which allows your staff the opportunity to complete the assessment at their convenience. Either way you get a full management report for your file protecting you against a visit from HSE. All you need to do then is drop me an email if any significant changes occur to an employees work practice and I will get the documents updated.

Assessor training

Having completed 4 years of study (1500 hours) with the University of Surrey in Health Ergonomics I have received extensive training in both human anatomy and best work practise. After all, Ergonomics is the science of studying the relationship between workers and their environment. I completed a workstation assessor training programme with the Institute of Facility Managers as this is the only one recognised by the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors of which I am an associate member. I have found a great deal of satisfaction over the years when little (or large) pieces of advice can improve a persons ability to work better and healthier, which is why I far prefer onsite, hands on, one to one assessments.

If you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact me directly using my contact form.